Keep Your Program Fresh with Flex Plus

You’ve made the wise decision to purchase a customized message-on-hold program. As one of the most tried-and-true marketing techniques, you’ll be pleased with caller satisfaction and increased revenue – but wait a minute. Hold the phones! How are you going to update your messages, when you update your products or services? A reasonably priced Flex Plus plan is your answer. The flexibility of Flex Plus allows you to make unlimited changes to your telephone-on-hold messages. To get the most out of your programs, it’s important to keep messages about your business current. Flex Plus continually promotes your business by giving you the ability to highlight brands you carry and specials you rotate.

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Promote Your Business with Brand Awareness and Specials

When you talk about brands you use or ones you retail, consumer confidence increases.  Leaving brand names out of your on-hold messages because you’re worried about updating them may be unwise. You lose a great advertising opportunity! Instead, make the most out of brands you carry with a Flex Plus plan.

Advertising-on-hold is also a great way to promote specials or incentive plans. When you use hold time to your advantage, you can sell more goods and services. Specials, incentive plans, and customer loyalty programs help you sell more too. When specials are combined with messages on-hold, they pack a potent marketing punch. Our Flex Plus plans allow you to change messages as often as you change your stock.

Flex Plus Plans Suited to Your Business
Take the Guesswork Out and Save Money

What makes Flex Plus so great is that it provides several options to update your on-hold program. Your business might only need a few changes once or twice a year. If your company offers services that change quarterly or monthly, you’ll want an option for your on-hold program that allows changes just as often. Regardless of how often your business changes, we have a Flex Plus plan to accommodate it. Change is inevitable, including for your business. A Flex Plus plan for your message-on-hold program is cost effective as well. Individual changes to your program can easily add up to hundreds of dollars.

Your clients are your best source for new business. It’s important to keep them up-to-date with an on-hold program that keeps up with your changes. Contact Us today to sign up for our Flex Plus plan!

The Flex Plus Plan does not cover auto-attendant changes, voicemail changes, male voice talent, Spanish voice talent, or connecting messages.