So What is Search Engine Optimized Content?

Search engine optimized (SEO) content is writing done for your website to help potential customers find you online. Part of this involves professionally written content that’s easy to read, but also content written specifically for websites. Search engines, social media and internet technology companies set standards for websites. These standards decide whether your website will show up on the first page, second page or not at all during internet searches. At InTouch, we use marketing strategies and work together to make your business stand out from the crowd.

What good is having an office breakroom if it doesn’t have a hotdog roller grill?


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How We Help Customers Find Your Website
Make Your Business Seen and Heard

As we’re designing your website, we firstly work on content your customers will find useful. Professional copywriters team up with SEO engineers to create optimized content to help the public find your website in search engines. You want your business to be seen by as many current and prospective customers online as possible. Our SEO techniques help your business stand out. Our team of professionals can analyze your website’s rankings, explain what items deserve your attention, evaluate your competition, and recommend an ongoing plan to help your website be seen. Whatever your goals are, our strategists will help you get there. We want to see your business grow!

Why You Need a SEO Website
You’re Talking, Who’s Listening?

Many business professionals may wonder why they need a custom SEO website. Well, consider this analogy: let’s pretend you’ve been asked to deliver a speech about your business to a large crowd of people, who are also existing and potential customers. Then, on the date of the speech, no one shows up. The room is completely empty. Would you still deliver the speech, even though no one would hear it? Probably not. Well, having a website that can’t be found is like delivering a speech to an empty room. You may be talking, but no one is listening. We can help! Our marketing strategists work to give your business the audience it deserves. Contact us today!

Libby and Temmo at MozCon 2016
Libby and Temmo from our SEO department at the MozCon local conference in 2016.