Let’s Talk! Share Your Business on Social Media

Today, social media is one of the most popular ways to communicate. According to Pew Research Center, almost 70% of the population has a social networking account. Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest…the list can go on. Social media is for more than individual users and friends though. For businesses, social media is a great marketing opportunity. Is your business taking advantage of this platform to share what your business does and how awesome it is? Perhaps you’ve been meaning to set up some new accounts, but just haven’t had the time, or perhaps you find them cumbersome. Fortunately, the InTouch marketing gurus are here for Northwest Indiana and speak fluent “social media.” We can maintain your social media accounts while we also increase your reach.

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Increase Your Social Media Presence
It’s Gonna be Huge. How Huge? HUUUUUGE

With most social network users on Facebook, we wouldn’t be mistaken in saying Facebook is like the new phonebook. Prospective clients are probably searching for local businesses like yours at this very moment. Facebook is a great way to increase your social media presence, and give current and future clients valuable information about your business.

As popular as Facebook is, there are many other social networks we may use to help increase your social media presence. On twitter, celebrities “break Twitter.” On YouTube, videos “go viral.” When our team at InTouch works with your business, we test and recommend only the social media channels which work best for your specific industry.

Ongoing Social Media Design and Maintenance

Our team works with you to strengthen your social media accounts by creating relevant, engaging information for your customers regularly. We make sure your social media accounts are branded with the correct colors and logos. We also make sure your accounts are easy to find. Just like our custom designed websites, effective social media marketing is only as effective as the amount of people seeing and finding your business online. As we learn about your practice, we’ll manage your accounts and write pre-approved, custom posts on your behalf. This gives you more time to work on great services and products, while we develop ways to share your story.

Let our marketing team help you reach more clients and get more people talking to your Northwest Indiana business. Let’s get started. Give us a call today!

Amanda with Mari Smith at Social Media Marketing World Conference in 2017
Our head of social media, Amanda, and the queen of facebook, Mari Smith, at the Social Media Marketing World Conference in 2017.