Increase Sales and Entertain Callers with Message-on-Hold

Sure, people are used to being put on hold. But according to one AT&T study, 60% of callers left in silence hang up. What they’re not willing to wait for is silence, or fuzzy radio music with commercials advertising your competitors. Yikes! According to an AT&T study, 60% of callers left with silence hang up. How are you entertaining your callers while they’re on hold? With a customized program from InTouch, you can entertain callers while increasing sales. Our programs keep customers on the line longer, but the valuable information they receive makes them more inclined to make more purchases. Because client satisfaction is as important to us as it is to you, we make our scriptwriting and recording process as easy as 1,2,3.

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Get to the Heart of Caller Needs with Customized Programs

At InTouch, we get to know every client who uses our services, including telephone-on-hold. With 20 years as a message-on-hold provider, we’ve worked with countless industries and businesses. We’ll address your callers’ needs with scripts written specifically to what your customers are calling about. By anticipating and answering frequently asked questions, we help increase your client satisfaction. Our professional scriptwriters are ready to craft your on-hold messages to what your customers are calling about. Proper call handling is good customer service, and research has also shown consumers spend more with companies who provide it. Furthermore, when customers are well-informed about what you provide, they’re more likely to make more purchases.

Don’t Be Scared, Our Process is as Easy as 1,2,3

At InTouch, we work hard to make our processes as streamlined as possible. Not sure if a message-on-hold program is right for your business? Let us send you a free demo. We’re confident you’ll be happy with what you hear. Once you decide to let us provide your on-hold messages, you’ll be sent some initial worksheets to tell us some general information about your business. Then, we’ll assign a scriptwriter to you. Our writing process takes one to two weeks. Before we record anything, you’ll have an opportunity to look over the scripts and make changes. Once we have your approval, we’ll record your scripts and send out your programs! Please contact us for your free demo today!

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