Message-on-Hold Samples for Veterinary Practices

As you know, the veterinary industry is a competitive one, so it’s important to make a good first impression if you want more clients to choose your practice over the competition. A phone call is often the first opportunity for you to make that first impression, but the question is: what do callers hear when they’re placed on hold? With a custom message on hold program, they can hear about your practice and be more confident in their decision to choose you to care for their pets.

How a Veterinary Message On Hold Program Benefits YOU

When searching for a veterinarian, pet owners will inevitably have questions about your practice when they call. Whether they’re placed on hold time for 15 seconds or more than a minute, every phone call is an opportunity to promote your practice, educate your clients, and attract new ones. As the only AAHA-approved message on hold provider for AAHA practices, InTouch knows the needs of the veterinary industry, so you can be confident in our ability to create a custom program that fits your veterinary practice.

Your on hold program can:

  • Highlight your most popular pet care services
  • Shed light on services that pet owners may not know you offer
  • Mention all the pet species for which you provide care
  • Give information about your hours, location, and website
  • Educate clients on a variety of pet topics (seasonal tips, parasite prevention, etc.)
  • Promote the preventative brands you offer
  • Advertise your online store and/or products you sell
  • Provide information about your staff
  • Give your recommendations on specific pet products on the market