Message-on-Hold Samples for Dental Practices

When it comes to choosing a dentist, most consumers have over a dozen options within a 10-mile radius. The big question is: when YOUR practice receives a call from a current or prospective patient, what would your callers likely hear when placed on hold? The sounds of drilling in the background perhaps? Or worse…silence? If so, you can benefit from a custom on hold program, which allows your callers to hear engaging and educational messages about your practice.

How a Dental Message On Hold Program Benefits YOU

Whether you’re a general dentist, orthodontist, or any other dental professional, your practice undoubtedly receives a number of questions on a regular basis. Are you a certified Invisalign provider? Do you offer free cosmetic consultations? What whitening options do you offer? Do you provide dental care to children? Having an on hold program allows you to answer these and other questions while providing other helpful information about your practice. Every time you place a caller on hold is a chance to help your patients feel confident in their decision to choose you as their dentist.

With a custom on hold program, you can turn the on hold wait time into profitable time by including messages about:

  • Your services (preventive, cosmetic, orthodontic, etc.)
  • Age of patients you treat
  • The doctors and staff on your team
  • Common oral problems, symptoms, and treatment options
  • At-home oral health
  • Office hours, other locations, etc.
  • Dental tips
  • Your office amenities
  • Website/social media pages
  • Modern techniques/technology used at your office
  • Insurance information
  • After-hours emergency policy
  • Dental products you offer and/or recommend
  • And more!

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