Message-on-Hold Samples for Salons and Spas

A chipper teenager calls your salon to request an appointment to get her hair done for her upcoming prom, or a woman calls your spa to schedule a much-needed massage after a grueling 80-hour work week. When placed on hold as you check your books, what would these callers likely hear? Silence? The radio? Or maybe the sound of blow driers humming and the chatter of the other clients in the background?

Make “Wait Time” Profitable Time for Your Salon/Spa

Depending on the dynamics of your spa/salon, the on hold time may be just a few seconds or closer to a minute. Of course, the last thing you want is for a caller to become bored while they wait and end up hanging up to try the place down the street. Boom. You just lost a client. Since waiting is often inevitable in your industry, you can make the wait time entertaining and engaging with a custom on hold program. Use that time to your advantage, mention all of your great services, and answer some of your FAQs, such as:

  • How much do you charge for ombre highlights?
  • What’s the cost for a basic hair trim?
  • How much is it for a full body massage?
  • Where are you located?
  • What’s your website?
  • Are you offering any specials?
  • Do you offer group rates for wedding parties, proms, etc.?
  • Do you sell gift cards/certificates?

Even if you have a website to answer these questions, not everyone is internet-savvy, and some people just prefer to make a phone call to get their information. And of course, if you’re like most salons/spas, the only way to make an appointment is by calling. According to a recent study featured in The World Bank, more than 75% of the planet has access to a phone, but not as many have access to the internet. So the key is to meet your clients where they are, bring them in to your salon/spa, and keep them coming back.

How a Salon/Spa Message On Hold Program Benefits YOU

With an InTouch on-hold program, you can:

  • Advertise your services and specials
  • Promote the availability of gift certificates (especially around the holidays)
  • Highlight your package deals and group rates (prom season, etc.)
  • Provide your address, hours, and other information about your salon/spa
  • Promote your brands
  • Do so much more!