Message-on-Hold Samples for Hospitality Businesses

As you know, hundreds of people call industries just like yours every day to make reservations, get information, etc. Whether your industry is a hotel, five-star resort, or other service industry, the phone call is often the first opportunity you have to make a good impression. The question is, when you place your callers on hold, what do they hear? If it’s not something that promotes your business, you could benefit from a message on hold program.

Make “Wait Time” Profitable Time for Your Hospitality Business

Let’s face it; many people don’t like to be placed on hold to wait, but sometimes it’s just inevitable. The good news is that you can make that wait time work to your advantage. With a custom on hold program, your callers can hear messages that highlight various aspects of your business, prompting them to ask for more information, purchase additional services, and even recommend you to a friend!

How a Hospitality Message On Hold Program Benefits YOU

Here’s example of the aforementioned “refer a friend” concept. Let’s say Jane Doe calls to book a reservation at your hotel’s restaurant, so you place her on hold while you see what’s available. While on hold, she hears a message that says you are a pet-friendly hotel. The next day, Jane has a conversation with her friend, who’s coming to town in a few weeks and seeking a hotel where she can bring her poodle. So Jane tells her friend what she heard, and her friend books a room at your hotel—all because of word-of-mouth advertising!

With an InTouch on-hold program, you can increase the likelihood of word-of-mouth advertising and:

  • Highlight your amenities (spa, pool, exercise facilities, etc.)
  • Provide information about your property
  • Mention your group reservation, pet, and other policies
  • Promote your member rewards
  • Highlight convention opportunities
  • Advertise any restaurants on your property
  • Provide your address, hours, website, etc.
  • Do so much more!