Message-on-Hold Samples for Assisted Living

If a woman calls your facility with questions about your senior communities and is placed on hold, what would she likely hear? Just music? Background voices shouting phrases at a TV in an attempt to solve the puzzle on Wheel of Fortune? Or worse…silence? If so, you can benefit from a custom on hold program, which will allow your callers to hear messages about all of your great services and amenities.

Make “Wait Time” Profitable Time for Your Assisted Living Facility

There’s a lot about your facility that you need to let callers know, especially if you offer more than just assisted living services, so why not advertise those services every time you place a caller on hold? With an on hold program, you can make the wait time entertaining and engaging, just like your facility.

Being involved in the assisted living industry means that high expectations are set for your facility if you want to remain competitive. The public is going to want to know what they can expect as a resident in your community or recipient of your services. So the key is to have a program that addresses those questions, letting your potential residents know about the many benefits you have to offer.

How an Assisted Living Message On Hold Program Benefits YOU

With a custom on-hold program, you can not only advertise your facility, but create opportunities for word-of-mouth advertising as well. For example, let’s say a man calls to ask about your veterans benefits for his father who has Alzheimer’s, so you place him on hold while you pull up the information. While on hold, he hears a message about your memory care services designed specifically for patients with cognitive challenges. Upon hearing this information, he asks more questions and eventually chooses your facility to assist with his father’s living needs.

Bottom line? An on hold program can lead to more living assistance services, more satisfied residents, and more business for you. It also allows you to provide information about your:

  • Community options
  • Area attractions
  • Financial options
  • Amenities and services
  • Website
  • Medicare coverage
  • Upcoming events
  • History and mission statement
  • Nursing care
  • And more!